Sip & PSTN Extensions

i’m wondering what is the hardware i need if i want to run asterisk with 200 sip extensions and 4 fxo channels
would u plz give me the attribute of my hardware

This is a question that is often asked and is hard to answer. It depends on a lot of things. Here are some quesitons to consider
1)What codecs will you be using ?
2)Any confrencing ?
3)Recording any calls ?
4)How many calls where there be at once ?
5)How much voice mail will be used ?
6)Will there be any transcoding ?

first of all the codec is for audio and video and there is 10 conference and there is no recording calls and i want 2 make the maximum called at once (about 150) and all extensions have voice mail and there is no transcoding
would u plz help me and thank u so much