Looking for information

i need asterisk 2 serve (60 sip user and 12 external lines(zap) and 60 voicemail room and also 2 conference room) is there anyone have anyidea about the hardware requirement do i need to achieve this solution.
thank you

It all depends on the number of concurrent lines, but, with the numbers you have in mind, a proper pc will do.

What you need for the outgoing lines depends on the kind of outgoing lines that you have. If you have a sip or iax2 trunk you will not need extra hardware, if you have isdn you need a proper isdn card and for analog lines you will need a channel bank to connect the twelfe lines.

if you google on ""isdn cards asterisk"all the info you need will show up

thank you very much ai know all the things u said and by the way i have analouge external line when i said hardware requirement i ment hard ware specification like what CPU speed do i need and what memory volume also do i need 2 get stable pbx system
if u have any information about that plz let me know cause it’s urgent 4 me.
thank you

If you have a decent pc (lets say 2,5 mhz) with 2 gb memory, it will do. If you have some extra money spend it on extra memory.

You can save cpu cycles by using the same codec for every sip or iax2 phone that you use and for the voiceprompts. This way the system doesn’t have to do transcoding from gsm to alaw and the other way around.

sip.conf (example)
allow = alaw

If you have enough bandwidt use alaw (european) or ulaw (rest of the world?). This are non compressed codecs so there is no decomression needed.