Hardware on hosted server

I have a hosted (dedicated) server in the UK with Asterisk installed. As a newbie, in order to get to grips with Asterisk pstn capabilities, I am considering having the hosting company install a telephony interface card that connects to one analogue pstn line.
Has anyone got experience approaching a hosting company with regard to this area of concern? I am wondering do I really need this hardware or should the datacenter where the server resides already have facilities to cater for me. Yes I have already emailed the hosting company asking this (literally just before typing this one up), but it would be great to receive info and advice from the community.


I suggest that you find a SIP origination and/or termination provider. You can connect with them over the Internet without adding any hardware beyond an ethernet interface to your Asterisk system. Here in the US, they are less expensive than PSTN lines.

Thanks for that response Dave.
I’m in Hong Kong for the next few months so it’s a good time for me to test out local call rates to UK phones from here using my asterisk box.
I’ve read a few articles about SIP and from my understanding, for my situation, i would forward my voip data through my server to a sip provider (and let them worry about how it gets to its destination on the pstn).

Any tips on a good provider for my task - I really only require one connection at this time.