SIP PeerState not working in Asterisk-16.12 version

Dear All,
This is my first post in the group. So i dont know if such posts has come earlier. Also
apologies in advance if this is not the right place to post such topic.
I were enjoying using Asterisk-1.8 but now i have moved on to Asterisk-16 flavor.
We had created our own Web GUI to show SIP peer status for all the extensions.
If i run the command in asterisk ver 8 i used to write like
localhost*CLI> sip show peerstate
It used to give me the SIP extension state of all the endpoints.
In the Asterisk-16 flavour, the same is missing. How can i use it in Asterisk-16.
Should i use DEVICE_STATE?
Please guide.
Thanks in Advance.

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