Chan_sip with asterisk 16 peer unreachable

Hi folks,
I have recently upgraded from Asterisk 11 to Asterisk 16. I have noticed that my sip peers are going to unreachable state quite often like every few minutes. I did not see this behaviour on Asterisk 11.
Both are running on the same network so network is not different at all. There are no packet drops either.
Its similar to what someone have described in the thread Peers in Unreachable / Lagged / Reachable status "Loop"

There must be some different settings in Asterisk 16.

Does anyone have seen the same behaviour ?

As it was stated in the other issue, you should do a capture of the SIP OPTIONS traffic.

And if you believe it is not a network issue, you can make a capture at the server network interface, using tcpdump for example. And at the same time enable SIP debug in asterisk.

When one of the peers becomes unreachable, check if the response to your OPTIONS arrived in the server. Check both the trace at the interface and the SIP debug from asterisk.

If you are not receiving anything in the network interface, then it is a network issue. But if you are, and it does not show in the asterisk SIP debug, then it’s an issue local to the server.

What’s described there also includes getting “lagged” messages,which are specifically about OPTIONS that are returned, but returned too late.

In any case, nothing in chan_sip is likely to get changed going forward, so you should be thinking of moving to chan_pjsip.

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