SIP Peer Offline

I’m very new to Asterisk and I’m having trouble getting a new AsteriskNOW server up and running. I currently have a Nortel CICS with 2 POTS lines that I am trying to replace with AsteriskNOW. I downloaded the ISO and built a machine with an OpenVOX A400P02 card. I have one Digium D60 phone I am using for testing. Single private network, no VLAN’s or firewalls between the phone and server.

I’ve been at it for days and while I can get the phone to “see” the Asterisk server, when I attempt to register, the phone hangs at “Contacting sip:proxy@” and eventually says “Timed out contacting proxy. You can retry, choose a new server, or reset any stored credentials and then retry”

Here are the steps I took.

  1. Installed AsteriskNOW-5211 64 bit (ver.11.14.1)
  2. Configured admin user
  3. Registered a DPMA license and installed it.
  4. Auto configured SIP network settings
  5. Added an extension for “Generic SIP Device”
  6. Setup the DAHDI card (See two FXO ports)
  7. Configure trunks & routes

The online help videos are great – but they seem to be for older versions. For example my sip.conf file is compressed of several other files, whereas the videos shown one all inclusive sip.conf. Also, there are very clear notations in the .conf files that they should not be directly edited. All changes should be through the web portal.

SIP info says 1 SIP Peer: 0 online, 1 offline. I can find a lot of help with older versions, and near nothing for the newer web base control.

Thanks in advance.


i dont understand how people start seeing videos for plain asterisk and at the end they use FreePBX GUI and then complain how different is real life from videos, I mean is like I start seeing tutorials to how drive a Bike but at the end I bought a car…

Go to the forums for doubts and start in their to know how to use the FreePBX GUI.

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Thanks for the links. Yeah, it wasn’t deliberate, being so new and still learning, I didn’t realize the difference until you boldly pointed it out. Not surprised to hear this happens often.

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