SIP Notify


I am looking for a solution to the Click-to-dial with a post AASTRA 57i …

I can initiate a call via an XML call on the local server of the phone. It seems that it is possible to send the XML stream via a SIP NOTIFY … I am looking for an example workflow that could go through asterisk rather than an external server … my job, not being locally onligerais me it has to open port on the outside of the phone and manage the IP / port …

The ideal would be to go through the manager, but I can not find how to wrap the XML message in the message sent on port 5038

Here’s what I tried:
Action: SIPnotify
Channel: SIP/369
Variable: xml=


Asterisk Call Manager/1.1
Response: Success
Message: Authentication accepted
Event: FullyBooted
Privilege: system,all
Status: Fully Booted
Response: Success
Message: Notify Sent
Response: Goodbye
Message: Thanks for all the fish.

I use Asterisk 1.8



I know that has been almost a year, but I have a solution if you are still looking.

I, myself, am interested.