Sending messages via Asterisk to internal SIP devices


I am quite new to the topic of SIP, so I am sorry if I am too unprecise, I will try my best.

I am a sysadmin myself and I am currently trying to get into SIP.

We got following use case: Inside a medical house there are nurses which are wearing SIP phones. We got some sensors in this environment, which monitor patients. These sensors detect anomalies and notify our backend service, which then (here comes the unprecise part probably) hits the asterisk server (via API?) which sends a message to the phones of the nurses.
Best would be if we can tell Asterisk via API: Send message XYZ to phones with number XY. The phones are only used internally, dont need audio call capabilities, only bare receiving of messages.

Can anyone describe, what is needed for that? I dont need a complete guide on that (of course I wouldnt say no to that :D), but any point for me to start would be awesome, as I dont know where I should look for that.


Assuming the devices handle SIP out of dialogue MESSAGE requests appropriately, see MessageSend - Asterisk Documentation

Will check it, thanks

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