SIP Notify to existing dialog Asterisk 11

Is there a way to send a SIP Notify message to an existing dialog via AMI in Asterisk 11? You can use the SIPnotify action to deliver the message, however it is sent within its own dialog context. Specifically I’m attempting to implement 3pcc messages for answer, hold, and retrieve. The softphone being used supports all three functions.


I am also trying to do the same thing - I want to use SIPnotify to send an ‘Event: talk’ to a handset

The issue is that SIPnotify only accepts a device as a ‘channel’ rather than a channel - so it adds its own CallID - meaning the handset rejects the request

I tried adding variables for Call-ID etc but it just causes a 500 response

I have implemented a js script for answering calls on a Digium handset and it works well with DPMAMessageSend, but not everyone out there uses Digium handsets

Please Asterisk make it so that SIPnotify can send to a real ‘channel’ as well as a device