Can a held call be automatically parked?


I have a customer that wants to have his phones behave like his old Nortel 6 line system.

So far, I have all lines configured and the 6 BLF buttons set up for the parked extensions and parking calls does the required function.

However, my customer has some transient staff and doesn’t want to retrain them all the time.

Would it be possible to have a call that is put on hold automatically parked? Sadly, I can’t map the Hold button to a #70 on this Grandstream GXP2100 phone.

While I understand the Asterisk big picture and how to configure most items via the GUI, I do struggle with the under the covers part as I am still working on that.

If this is possible and anyone could give me a clue on how to do it, I would really appreciate it.

Many thanks, Mike

I think you would have to use AMI to detect the hold and initiate the park.

However, if the Grandstreams are SIP devices, note that most SIP phones will generate a hold as part of an attended transfer sequence, and some use attended transfer sequences for blind transfers.

David, thanks

Yes they are SIP devices. Sadly, my education in this area is somewhat limited.

Is it not possible within Asterisk that if the system sees a call go on hold then to have it transferred to my park group?

Thanks again.


No dialplan will be triggered when it goes on hold. You will have to monitor with AMI.

I’m very, very interested in finding a solution to this.

I have GXP-2000s as well, and I would love a press of the “Hold” button to send the call into a parking lot.

It sounds like it’s doable, but I’m not exactly sure what it means to monitor it with AMI, or how to do that. Anybody know how to do that, or are there any instructions anywhere that could get me started?