SIP clients on localnet, internet down no connection!?


My problem is this.
I have a some SIP clients on my localnet that register to my Asterisk that are also on my localnet.

If the internet connection goes down I can stil make one call out on the ZAP channel (TDM11b).

But if I after that call want to make another call on the zap channel my PAP2 has unregistered with Asterisk.

IP on Asterisk:
IP on the PAP2:

If the internet connection comes back up it will register my locally connected SIP client again!

I have also 3 other register for different VoIP services that cannot connect either, but that is OK because they
are out on the internet!

Can it be something I have done that have make my Asterisk dependent of internet for my locally attached phones?

That is not what I want!
I want it to be that if the internet is down I should still be able to make phone calls on my ZAP channel!

Any ideas?

I assume you have set a register attempts and timeout ?



I cannot look into my sip.conf file here, but I don’t think I have set that!

Can that be the problem?

Also some times if I do a change in extensions.conf or sip.conf files and try to do “sip reload” or “extensions reload” it looks like it doesent reload the files. And if I restart Asterisk it can take several minutes before it read some of the config files!
But if I’m connected to the internet it goes direct!

If they arent set and for example the peers are at the top of the sip.conf it will “stick” on them trying to resgister to them


Thanks Ian for your quick reply!

I will try this when I get back home tonight!
But as you say, it sounds like it will solve my problem!

I will post a reply on how it goes!

Thanks for the tip Ian!

That seems to have solved this problem!
But now, if the internet connection gets up again it will not try to reconnect
the external VoIP services!

Is it possible to have the register the other way around.

It first register my local clients and after that try to register my external
connections until the internet connections gets up again!
I don’t want my locally clients to be disconnected!

My <sip.conf> file now look something like this:


register => 123456789:…
register => 987654321:…





Or does anyboddy have any other idea?