Internet out, problem register local SIP phones!


I’m using Asterisk SVN-branch-1.4-r188646

I got a register problem!

If my internet connection goes away all my register lines in my <sip.conf> file will try to re-connect to my VoIP operators again.
Which is good!


in <sip.conf> [general] made it impossible for me during the register attempts to call any of my other localy attached SIP clients or out on my ZAP channell (TDM11B) with any of my localy phones (attached to asterisk with a PAP2T box or X-Lite) until the time out or I got connected to my VoIP operators over the internet again.

I solved this in <sip.conf> [general] with:

registertimeout=4 registerattempts=3
Now, here is my problem!
This will end all the register attempts in the furture after the 4:th time and give me:

Shure, now I can call out on my ZAP channell with any of the localy phones (and also call between them) but it will not try to re-register with any of my VoIP operators untill I make a manual “sip reload”, which sometimes is not possible for me!

What can I do to make it automaticaly re-register and still give me the possibility to call out on ZAP or call another SIP client connected to my Asterisk?

Is it possible or have I missed something?!