Problem with PAP2

Hi to all in the forum, I got asterisknow working I received and sent external call with my sip provider, but I have a strange problem, my Linksys PAP2 v.2 lost the connection, I think every 8 hour, I need to disconnect and connect and work again, I assign a static IP to the PAP2 and the same situation. If I configure my PAP2 with my provider information it work perfectly, so I think is a setting in the asterisk server.

Any idea.


Any Idea, or someone that have the same problem?


When you say you lost the connection, you mean the lan connection to the PAP or the registry to the Asterisk server?

When I said I lost the connection, I can try to access the PAP2 with the static ip I assign and no answer, the Telephone1 Led is off. I don’t known what happen, because when I configure the PAP2 with my SIP provider, works perfectly all the time. But when I configure with my asterisk server work for about 8 hours and then the PAP2 is dead, no ping with the IP, and the phone led is off. I think is someting with the register in the users.conf or sip.conf

Any Idea


Try the option qualify=yes on users.conf (it’s Asterisk 1.4, right?).

Yes is 1.4 I tried qualify=yes and the same problem.

I have a PAP2T and now I remember I had that same issue. After upgrading the firmware it’s now working for days without problems…