No Service when internet is down

I have a pri for local service and use various voip providers for long distance. I have an issue when for whatever reason my internet connection goes down that my local calling goes down and my Aastra 480i phones all show “No Service”. When I look in the asterisk logs it show all my local sip peers as unreachable. I also have this issue when my DNS server is unreachable. I have yet to figure out how to fix this. Any suggestions or fixes would be apprecitated.

If your SIP peers show as unreachable when “your internet goes down”, it’s likely a result of a poorly designed network and/or a failing switch and/or a misconfigured DHCP server. In other words, it likely has nothing to do with your internet connection at all, but rather your local network.

Hi You need to set all your peers in your hosts file, also make sure you set the number of times a peer can attemt to register.

Basicly Asterisk gets “stuck” trying to register peers, You can see this by starting asterisk on te console and you will see it stick on iax.con and sip.conf


in your phones, are you connecting to asterisk-server with ip or domain? If domain, maby you got your problem there if you don’t got a local dns-server.