SIP-> Asterisk -> Droping call to TDM channel or chan-

Hello Everyone!

First, I’m new to the asterisk platform so I’m looking for some guidelines…

The Plan:

Asterisk will receive the SIP calls (via SIP trunking), after the call is established, I will access some MySQL tables then route the call to a TDM (T1) channel or a group of T1 Channels.

I want asterisk to keep track of the call so when one of the ends hangup, I shoul be able to write some more stuff into the MySQL tables as for example… total call time, etc…etc…

I’m planning to use the Digium TE407 cards at the asterisk server, and from this TE47 card, run some crossconenct cables to my Dialogic based IVR, basically the Asterisk-TE407 card will provide voltage and signaling to the Dialogic cards at the IVR box…

Again, the idea is to drop, route or conference the incomming SIP call to any of the available T1 ports at the Dialogic based IVR server.


1)- Is the above scenario possible with the provided functiuonality description?

2)- If my assumptions are correct, I will need to use “crossconnect” cables from Asterisk-Digium TE407 card to the Dialogic SC240 cards?

3)- What will be the suggested method to send the call to the TDM channel group, transfer the call or conference the call? - remember… I will need to do some post-processing after any or the ends hangs-up.


Bump with some differences.

Rarp, since I don’t see any replies here, were you able to find out about this on your own?

For the others reading, I’m wanting to things a little differently. The asterisk setup I’m planning is going to included VICIDial for predictive dialing. I want the dialer to attempt as many calls as possible over SIP, IAX or H.323. When a call is answered, I’d like to forward it to one of our iDCS500’s T1 lines. Can this be done? If so, will an MGI card be all I need for the KSU or will I also need a T1 card in the Asterisk box?

Thanks in advance guys.

don’t know if can be done as described.