Anyone can help me?


I am not even sure i am asking this correctly or using the correct terms.

I would appreciate any help just even the correct terms to google.

i have a asterisk box with 20 incoming lines via t1. (these are incoming only)
the T1 goes into my cisco and then it converts the incoming to digital.

I would like to call out from my asterisk via the talkswitch

I am thinking if a mediatrix (my viop phone at home that i dial out via the talkswitch) can do this , an asterisk should be able to

so does the asterisk connect to the talkswitch via SIP?

I need to dial out on the talkswitch and not the t1 cause i get better long distance rates on the POTS lines.

thanks for any help

ugg boot

That seems like the most straightforward way, yes.