SIP and softfone configuration


i am trying to configurate X-Lite SIP softphones to use with AsteriskNOW.

the sip.conf looks like:




The extensions.conf is:



exten => 326,1,Dial(SIP/326)
exten => 327,1,Dial(SIP/327)

when I try to dial one of the extensions, there is a ‘connecting’ message on phone’s display, and no answer from the other phone.

Asterisk console displays this:
– Executing [327@internal:1] Dial(“SIP/326-082073b8”, “SIP/327|30”) in new stack
– Called 327",

so at least the station sees the caller’s phone.
what else could be wrong?

thanks in advance!

[/quote]Those IP addresses seem unlikely to me… but you know your own network. However, remember you can instead specify a dynamic address and the softphone will tell Asterisk its IP address when it registers:

That’s how I use X-Lite with Asterisk. In any case I didn’t see a way of telling X-Lite to use a particular IP address, but perhaps you have a different version of X-Lite.

Have you seen the book “Asterisk: The Future of Telephony”? You can download it for more info on this and other aspects of a basic SIP configuration: … 510480.pdf

the IPs are from the local intranet.

i’ve tried to use ‘host=dynamic’, but in that case i get the ‘unable to create sip channel’ message from asterisk.

yep, i am reading the book. :smile: the settings i’ve tried to implement were based on ‘configuring the softphones’ chapter, but something has gone wrong.

tell xlite to register to asterisk its pretty striaght forward then you dont have to worry about DHCP all that other fun stuff…
try this page on the voip-info wiki

aha, i’ve probably missed the ‘register with domain and receive incoming calls’ checkbox.

but when i turn it on and select either ‘set outbound via domain’, ‘via target domain’, or ‘via proxy’ i get a 403 forbidden error.

probably the empty password causes this?

yeah make sure you tell xlite the same passwords as you tell asterisk…

in the sip config for asterisk thats that secret= option

everything works now, thanks all. :smile: