Astersik together with softphone


I installed asterisk and X-Lite softphone to work together. Is my content for conf files right?

sudo nano /etc/asterisk/sip.conf

type= friend
username= brat
secret= ****
host= dynamic
context= from-sip
nat= yes
canreinvite= no

under [general]

register => user[:secret[]]@host[:port][/extension]

sudo nano /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf


exten => brat,1,Dial(SIP/brat,20) ( what SIP/brat,20 is meant for)
exten => brat,2,Hangup

Will these modifications help me place a call, talk and terminate. Provided I have my workplace asterisk IP.

Any help would be great!


Providing this:

isn’t actually in the file, you should be able to call youself, assuming that you don’t have a buggy version of X-Lite. You won’t actually be able to talk to yourself, of course.

I cannot think why you would have NAT enabled, but hopefully Asterisk would spot that it wasn’t relevant, when calling yourself.

This is a pattern for the correct line. You may or may not need a correctly completed version to talk to the office system, but like this is does nothing, and, as you don’t have suitable dialplan or sip.conf, you will not be able to make calls to that system.

More generally, you need to do one of:

[ul]- keep re-reading the book and other documentation until you understand it;

  • pay to go on a course on configuring Asterisk;

  • pay for someone to configure it for you.[/ul]

Okay, what If I have my asterisk IP addr, username and password at office, even then I won’t be able to connect?

For example, if my colleague extension number is 317, won’t I be able to call him/her from my softphone ( provided I’m in the office )

Entering my details in sip.conf and register it.

Using: exten => 317,1,Dial(SIP/317,20)
exten => 317,2,Hangup

That’s what I’m trying to do ( at least for now )