Simplest way to get up and running?

Hi All,

Firstly, although I’m technically fairly competent, having been a programmer, windows sysadmin, web author, and Cisco CCNA,I have no particular linux skills or experience.

I started dabbling with Asterisk about 3 months ago, using a clean dell pc (2gb ram, 3.2 Ghz processor, 1tb HDD, and an x100p analogue telephony card. I starter with asterisknow as the perceived “easiest” way to get a working PBX… Alas I was then told that it wouldnt support the x100p…

Fair enough I thought… did some more research, and went out and bought an Openvox A400p card as this seemed to be a popular budget option. I only have one analogue line, but I do need it connected and working for my business.

I use ubuntu on all of my workstations, so I thought it best to run it on the server as well, so did a complete clean install to Ubuntu 64 bit server edition v10.x

The only other task this box performs at present is to update my dynamic ip address to dyndns from time to time. Although I would like it to at some point become a media server for the house & office.

I have now lost count of the number of attempts I have made to create a working PBX… I have used package managers and downloaded and compiled tarballs for numerous variants of numerous versions of Asterisk. I have blacklisted drivers and tweaked configs until I am blue in the face… all to no avail. I have followed numerous step by step guides word for word and line by line right up until the moment where they no longer applied due to being out of date or for other hardware…

I have finished up confused and depressed by the enourmous diversity of choices, options, and legacy information out there in the Asterisk world. Any primers or newbie guides (such as the ones written for asterisk@home) seem to have been written around 2005/2006 and are woefully out of date. The transition from Zaptel to Dahdi seems to have created enourmous confusion with all of the guides seeming to be from the zaptel days.

At this point I really dont care what version of linux I run, or what version of asterisk. I’m happy to tear the existing box down and start again… All I want is something that I can install quickly and simply, that will recognize and work with my Irish analogue line (I’m in Ireland), and my a400p card, and that will allow me to make and receive calls. A management GUI would be nice…

Any and all advice would be gratefully received… I’m still of the opinion that Asterisk is potentially fantastic and would make a great addition to my business… I’m sure that It’ll blow me away… If I ever get it working…

Thanks in advance…


Update: 12/1/11

Thank you to Digium for the information they sent through.

I’ve given up on Ubuntu and Asterisk… it appears that no-one really knows the answer. I’m going to try Asterisk-now 1.7.1…

you should try elastix, it is Asterisk with group applications and GUI

My advice would be to start with plain Asterisk and reserve GUIs for productivity use, once you know what they are doing under the hood.

Asterisk should be easy to get working, at least on CentOS, on which it is developed.

If the analogue card is sold as suitable for Asterisk, you should get support from its suppliers. Digium will provide that support for their genuine cards.

More generally, though, forums like this work best when asked about specific details problems, not when given a general request to make something work.

It’s not entirely clear whether your problems are with the DAHDI side or with the core Asterisk. In the latter case, you should build up experience with a pure SIP system, starting from the result of doing make samples (NB that configuration compromises security for ease of startup).

I believe Ubuntu are one of the people that try and run Asterisk non-root which seems to cause a lot of people problems.

The VoIP functions of Asterisk require stable IP addresses; you should expect to restart it any time your ISP messes with your IP address.

Guys this post is from Wed Dec 29, 2010, and i think japnuts has solved his problem. :smiley: