Pc to telephone

Hi all, i m completely new to asterisk and i wanted to know if it is possible to call a telephone from a pc. If yes i d appreciate a lot some help or docs.
Sorry if it sounds like i m a bit rude but english is not my nativa language.
Thanks in advance,


To call a telephone from a PC, you don’t need an asterisk to do the job although asterisk can do this without any problem. What you need is a SIP User Agent (UA) software, a.k.a. softphone, that runs on a PC.

What do you want to do, just make calls out to friends from your pc? There are lots of apps to do that, skype out will do it, and I am sure there are others. if you have a VoIP provider then you can use Asterisk with no problem to do it, or if you have the right hardware you can interface a hard line and use that to call out.
the best place to start is,
and google does a wonderful job