Best way to connect thousands of people

I’m running an asterisk system and I’d like to offer calling service where users log in and make calls via my website. What’s the best way to connect them to asterisk? Here are some thoughts I had and hopefully the community can help me:

  1. Use a manager account to originate calls
  2. Connect users through a softphone (SIP/IAX). If going with this, how can I build a web based softphone? I’d like to just get a general view as I’m a programmer. Do you connect via sockets, SIP protocols, etc?What programming language fits this job?

Thank you in advance!

Web browsers don’t directly include the ability to take audio from a microphone and send it somewhere, so you’re going to need something to do the actual softphone work, taking data from the network and streaming to the speakers and streaming audio input to the network. You could use a plugin, an activex component, or maybe try something with adobe flash. The guys that make xlite sell an activex component.

Thanks a lot. This now makes so much sense!