Simple Question

After spending lots of time researching everything Asterisk - I think I have all of the required software and such - but I am wondering about the hardware. Since I am only using the system just to see what I can do, I was wondering if I would be able to use the modem in my computer as a POTS input (only one line, simply a home line). It has two jacks, one that appears to be outgoing (computer icon, used for dialup when I actually need it) and one that appears to be incoming (phone icon). I don’t want to have to buy any hardware, even if it is only $10 since I am simply trying to build a test system. Thanks for putting up with such a simple question, I simply couldn’t find a definitive answer.

Most likely it wont work see here

I would suggest you spend a bit and get the developer’s kit. If I remember correctly, it comes with a tdm11b which has one fxo and one fxs on it. I’ve got one and it works great. Using that interface I’ve learned TONS about Asterisk.