Help me out

i want to receive phone calls on pc modem and then convert it to voip or send it through internet. will it be possible with asterisk???

Hi Did you put your query in the search ?

if you had you would know that its not posible except with one type of “modem”, the clone x100p


otherwise you need a digium card…

from where i can get these two modems???

from where i can get these two modems???
Please specify the manufacturer

here the cards…

for the modem… check here

but its simply google search for “modem x100p”

anyway… hope it helps

thanks 4 ur coordination but i still hav many questions i am provding you picture diagram, can you please specify which cheapest card will be suitable for me in this scenario.

actually i want to connect the two users 4812345/6603185 with 2420028/2420366 by ip network

should they be 4 and 4 disconnected by themselves?

from your scheme i see that there are like 6 networks… mmm

shouldnt it be easier if you just put 1 switch in the middle… and connect all the phones and pc to this one?

is one of them a computer with asterisk?

you need at least a tdm400 with one FXO if you want to connect your analog line to your network check the price on the website i gave you… or online maybe for a used one.

(is the line analog or isdn?)

i think now u can understand it easily

please tell me that what is fxo port?? is it RJ11 port? and fxs port ? is it RJ45 port?