Simple Hardware Decisions

In I posted that I am looking to build a very simple IVR system allowing our customers to call a phone number, enter their order number and hear their order status.

For the PC itself, I think any simple modern machine will be more than sufficient.

The question is the card. I need a “card to terminate analog “plain old” telephone systems’ lines (POTS).” I have a few options here (I am putting a tinyurl so no one thinks I am advertising for anyone) which is a retailer in my country. Seems that Digium Single FXS module or Digium Single FX0 module would work. I realize that with this approach only one person can call at once.

EDIT Sorry I now see that for POTS I need FXO, not FXS.

If it’s not correct, please let me know an alternative recommendation.

Thank you!