Need Help in Determining Hardware


I am not sure if I am posting this query in right place but we are aiming to build an application which would accept the response from caller using IVR and based on that response it would make automated calls to pre-defined numbers for that response.

However, we are not sure which hardware we need to use for the same. I checked with my local vedor, but they being not so technical unable to suggest anything. We have earlier made an application using GSM Modem/Mobile which enables us to make a call from PC but for above mentioned application I guess we need to use something different.

Can anyone on help us in determining which hardware we need to use for the same. Any information or pointers would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


from what you described, i think you need something like:

  • fxo/t1/e1 card to interface your incoming call from pstn and subsequently dial out from your ivr call flow.
  • unix box to install asterisk and build the ivr

the choice of fxo/t1/e1 depends on what connection is provided by your telco provider and your traffic volume.

you could find relevant models of fxo/t1/e1 card from digium.