Show toll free phone number


Is there an option to get a toll free number dialed (Toll free is transfering calls to the local number)?

I have 2 toll free number and 1 local. I want to see what toll free number customer is calling. I found ${CALLERID(dnid)} but it’s showing me my local number.

Thank you very much.

I tried CALLERID(rdnis) but it’s empty, I also tried SIP_HEADER(TO) but it content the local number and not toll free.

any ideas?


Are the numbers forwarded to your local line and then to you or are the toll free lines sent directly to your box. If it is sent to your local line and then to your asterisk box I don’t think there is much that you can do.

toll free is transfering to voicepulse where I have DID setup

Then there is nothing you can do because the system see’s the number coming in from VoicePulse. You may want to get the toll free number from a VOIP carrier and have it go directly to your server.

thank you.

do you know any good and cheap 800 voip companies?

Cheap is all relative. I know my company offers it for 3.9 cents a minute (discounts for volume). Others may be cheaper. Have a look at, and