Send back callname to the calling phone

Is it possible to “send back” the callername to the calling phone?

The SIP-phones have no internal phonebook, they use an xml-phonebook-app. So the phone call only the number, and in the redial list is only the number, not the name.
For incoming calls asterisk sets the CALLERID(name) … so the phone knows both name and number.
I’m looking for sending back the callername to the phone, for example when I dial 12345, asterisk should send back to the phone the name for this number 12345, so I can see at the phone the name also at outgoing calls and in the redial-list.

On my internal extension to extension calls I do a lookup on the callerID of the phone I am calling and then do a connected line update to display that name on my phone.

so If I call extension 100 I do a lookup on the peer:


Then I do a
and a

Thx, CONNECTEDLINE sounds very good. I’ve found a good documentation at the wiki … … but it doesn’t work?
No errros or warnings … but also no name at the display of the outgoing phone.

Asterisk is

Do your phones support connected line updates?

Do you have either Remote Party ID or P-Asserted-Identity support enabled in your sip.conf?

Thx for the hint, after inserting
in sip.conf it works an a snom and gigaset n510ip … but not yet on Aastra (6739i), Cisco (7905 and 9951) and Gigaset maxwell10

Update: I don’t really know what I have changed … but now it works also at the aastra :slight_smile:
Next Question: Is there any way to set this information directly and not to wait until the called party picks up the phone?

There is an option, rpid_update, which when turned on will attempt to send new connected line information as fast as possible. Depending on the state of the call it may or may not be possible. I also don’t know if it exists in 1.8 as that’s quite old.