When calling a number display a name on the phone's screen instead of the number that's being called on snom phones

We have an asterisk (version 16.6.2) PBX with connected Snom D725, D715 and M25 (through an M700). The PBX has a proprietary directory (made by us) with quick dial numbers on the 7XXX extension. What we are looking for is, when an users calls one of those quickdial numbers (let’s say 7001), we would like to display on the phone’s monitor the name of the person we are calling (for example Daniel) instead of the number we are calling (7001). We already have all the needed data saved in our directory but we can’t find how to display the name of whom we are calling instead of the quick dial number.

Thank you

See https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Manipulating+Party+ID+Information

Hi David, we checked that, and unless i misunderstood something it’s not really what we need since the CALLERID sends the name to the receiving phone (while i need it on the calling phone) and the CONNECTEDLINE only works when the receiving phone answers the call, and it’s already too late. What we need is when i type 7001 on my phone and click OK is to see Daniel, instead of 7001 on my phone’s display

Connected line can update before hand if either explicitly told to in the channel driver[1] or if an appropriate SIP response goes out naturally. Otherwise you are going to have to see if the phone has some capability itself to do as you wish.

[1] https://github.com/asterisk/asterisk/blob/master/configs/samples/pjsip.conf.sample#L683

So i can set the rpid_immediate to yes and then before dialing passing the name i want displayed on the calling phone through the CONNECTEDLINE, Correct?

It will send a fake 180 Ringing or 183 Session Progress if I recall (depending on the state) with the information. Whether this will work for you in practice you’ll have to find out.

I’ve tried it, but i’ve noticed that the rpid_immediate it’s a pjsip setting, while we are using normal sip, so, ofcourse it’s not working, any idea of a similar setting for sip?

The same option exists in chan_sip. I have no knowledge of it there though.

Same problem, we are not using chan_sip, and remaking the whole configuration with chan_sip or pjsip would take too much time.
Still thank you for your help

What channel technology are you using, if not SIP or PJSIP?

The underlying protocol for non-SIP technologies may not support this, and there are no other technology drivers for SIP.

we are using standard and simple SIP (sip.conf file) neither PJSIP or CHAN_SIP.

In the end we have decided to set up an LDAP directory, in which we saved our quickdial directory and set up the phones to query the LDAP as the directory. It seems to be working for now. When i call one of the quickdial numbers on the phone’s screen i see the name i set up in the LDAP directory :smiley:

Still, thank you all for your help and your time @david551 and @jcolp.

Have a nice day,

sip.conf is the configuration file for chan_sip, so you must be using chan_sip.

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