[solved] Display CallerID for caller


  1. Let’s say (i don’t know right terms, feel free to correct me):
    caller - is the phone initiating the call aka source
    recipient - is the phone receiving the call aka destination.

  2. I’m using sip channel in asterisk 15 (but most likely I will use version 13 in the future), yealink sip phones.

  3. My peers looks like this sip.conf:


callerid="test 1" <301>
  1. When i make a call i can see callerid on recipient phone. Good.

  2. But is it possible to see recipient’s callerid on the caller phone? (except when i add recipient’s phone number in caller’s phonebook - i mean in the yealink web interface phone book)

A definite maybe!

Firstly change type=friend to type=user, as it is better practice, although not directly relevant.

If it still works without the callerid= line, try adding sendrpid=yes and trustrpid=yes.

If it doesn’t work without the callerid line, it might still work with sendrpid=yes, but you will need to explicitly invoked the connected line update functions with Asterisk’s idea of what the destination ID should be.

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I cannot delete callerid from sip.conf - it’s the only source of a human-friendly name. This is simplest config for 3 users for my home use.

But “adding sendrpid=yes” did the trick. Thank you!