Show agents

I use asterisk with version of asterisk when I log in softphone by account 1001 and I view in cosole by command : show agents.

1001 (1001) not logged in (musiconhold is ‘default’)
1002 (1002) not logged in (musiconhold is ‘default’)
1003 (1003) not logged in (musiconhold is ‘default’)

I accessed with account 1001, but show agents show display “not logged in” I don’t understand. Anyone can explain for me?

Thanks for help!

r u using AgentCallbackLogin application to login to the queue?

I don’t use AgentCallbackLogin application to login to the queue. I want to display exactly by show agents command

it`s not the same agents and sip peers, you need to do ‘sip show peers’ and you will look at your phone registered. To register your agents you need access to the function ‘Agentcalbacklogin’

barboles is right. Connecting with your soft phone will only connect you to asterisk so that you can make and receive calls and you can see the status by ‘sip show peers’. In order to register your soft phone as an agent you should use AgentCallbackLogin. There are a lot of ‘how tos’ for using AgentCallbackLogin on internet.

Callback logins are deprecated. The simple agent login is still current.

Possibly though, the purpose of agents has been misunderstood.

Thanks for your helps

I will try to use AgentCallbackLogin Application. And I report the results later.