Should we patch? And how to?

We’re running on Debian 6.0. We don’t want to go up to a newer Asterisk at this time, but I’m assuming it would be prudent to update to the latest patch for our version (currently Correct?

How does one go about accomplishing this? Download the full Asterisk Source Tarball and reinstall? Or is there a better way?


Yes downloar the tar and compile again, just dont do the make samples. You already have it.

Please download the latest version you wish to upgrade to. Then gzip , tar it. Run ./configure , make , the next part you need to run is ‘make install’ (without apostrophe) this last command actually will place the modules where they need to go. The very next time asterisk is restarted it will pull in the new version. Always make backups of any files before performing the upgrade and you should be fine. :smiley:

Thanks to both of you!