Sharing one asterisk box across multiple locations

How would you set up asterisk in one location and put sip phones in other states to connect back. Would you just use a static ip address and put the asterisk in the DMZ zone? Our would you prefer a VPN or do you have other suggestions?


If possible I would use a vpn.


Marco Bruni

If you want to use SIP phones, you will need to use networking hardware that understands SIP. Not out of the question, but something to be aware of.

One other option is to use phones that speak IAX which is much easier from a networking standpoint

One other option, if you are stringing offices together is to plunk * boxes in each office. Use SIP within the office, then use IAX to string the servers together.

using IAX, I have several people connected to our * server. The server is within our network, with relevant ports on our router firewall pointing to it (although with IAX, this might not be necessary).

We use Atcom AT530 phones an quality is good!

A site-to-site VPN would be the better solution. The best solution would be to have a second box at your off-site location with an IAX trunk between the two. But, short of that, a pair of PIX 501s can be had for around $1100.

how does IAX work?

Also the other offices only have 1 person in each of them, I don’t think it would be cost effect to create a full asterisk server for each one because I want them to use our business lines to make calls if possible.