Can this be done in Asterisk?

Right now I have an Asterisk Server in our Japan office and another Asterisk Server in our office in Philippines.
Both of these servers are connected together and working fine. If I wanted to have another office in the Philippines in another area and another office in Japan in another area do I need to setup Asterisk servers for those locations as well? Or can they just connect to the existing servers using an IP phone or SPA by means of broadband connection?
The reason why I ask is because I want to be able to save money on the hardware and maintenance cost. Also the new offices will only have a small amount of inbound and outbound calls. maybe 4 people on each new office.

Current Setup
Asterisk Office Japan 1 <–> Asterisk Office Philippines 1

Proposed Setup
Japan Office 2 (ADSL + 4xSPA) <–> Japan Office 1 Asterisk Server <–> Phil Office 1 Asterisk Server <–> Phil Office 2 (ADSL + 4xSPA)

Possible Objectives

  1. when a client calls our Japan Office 1 then all offices will ring including the Phil Office 2 and Japan Office 2
  2. Phil Office 2 can call Japan Office 2 for free (
  3. They can still transfer calls from one office to the other

Thanks very much in advance for all your help!

Theoretically you don’t even need two servers in two countries if people don’t call out to PSTN. If they do, however, how is the “Asteriskless” site going to call PSTN? Through the Asterisk box in another city? Is that cost-effective? These are questions only you can answer.

Thanks Valley for your answer.

Basically all offices only need to call to Japan clients. My 2 current servers are able to do this because I have an IAX Trunk provider.

There is no need to call Philippines. All the staff in the Philippines will only accept calls from Japan and will only call Japan clients.

My question still stands, is it possible? for the two offices to remotely connect to the asterisk servers?

Proposed Setup
Japan Office 2 (ADSL + 4xSPA) <–> Japan Office 1 Asterisk Server <–> Phil Office 1 Asterisk Server <–> Phil Office 2 (ADSL + 4xSPA)

I don’t see why not. That’s the fastest way to deploy. To test it out, just ship one IP phone to office 2.

Thanks Valley for your quick reply.

I have brought an Aastra 9133i on our second office in Japan. I tried to register the phone on one of the unused extensions but it keeps on giving me no service.

Please suggest to me what ports should be open for the testing to be done

By any chance does anybody have an experience in setting up an Aastra 9133i remotely?

for SIP, you need to open/forward UDP/5060 and UPD/

configuring 9133i’s via TFTP is pretty easy, the Aastra documentation should be all you need. the wiki also has examples.