Do I need Asterisk?

I have two residences with a POTS land line going to each one. I have a VPN setup between the locations using Netgear FVG318 VPN routers. I would like to deploy standard 2-line telephones at both locations so that the second line at each location is the phone line at the other location.
It seems like to do this I would need to deploy Asterisk at both locations and use the IAX trunking feature to tie them together. I would also need at least one ATA at both ends.

Is there another less complex, all hardware way that I could accomplish this?

Your advice is most appreciated!



I don’t know what other options are out there for your scenario but this can be done with asterisk. You would not need a server at both locations. You can have an ATA at one location and an asterisk server at another location. (The server would have an FXO card and the ATA at the second location would plug in to the phone line there and register with asterisk at the first location).

Thanks, Dovid.
I was thinking that I would need a FXO at both locations. I was looking at the Linksys SPA3102 because it has a FXS and a FXO port. I could put one at each location, but I don’t know if I still need *. Also do I still need a VoIP service provider for it to work or can I get them to talk over the VPN?


You would need at least one asterisk server. You do not need a VPN. You can just send the call over the “regular internet”. You do not need a VOIP provider to talk between the both locations. However I would look at VOIP providers since the seem to be a lot cheaper than regular telco companies.