Asterisk and Multi Avaya IP Office sites

Hi Guys,

I’ve been using asterisk for quite a while at home which works a treat for personal use.

Though i was questioning if it were possible to use it in a work envinroment with this sort of configuration.

What i would like to know, would it be possible to use asterisk to route calls between Avaya IP Offices in multiple offices via SIP over our wan/lan?

The avaya’s in each office all support the use of SIP trunking via an ITSP if there was a needs to use a voip provider, Can freepbx at a central location on the network work as a provider to route calls between the the Avaya IP offices in each office?

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.



for any case Asterisk work fien whther business need or home requirement. all dpends on your office requirements & feature you want. i can say smart configuration can beat Avaya IP office.
so instaed of using that solution you can use Asterisk for your All teh requirement including interconnection of offices, ITSP connection for SIP call routing.
you can bult such IPBX by you own at your premise & interconnect your offices.
otherwise you can Hsot your IpPBX at ITSP end all requirement place & fullfill at 1 place. then no any such avaya Ip solution you require.