Setting variables in .call files


i’m setting up email2fax using .call files for sending faxes. Works fine except for the fact that I cannot send variables in the call files. I have this one:Channel: ZAP/g1m/0xxxxxxxxxxx MaxRetries: 1 WaitTime: 20 Application: txfax SetVar: LOCALHEADERINFO=Company name Data: /tmp/email2fax/1142455621-747387000/some.pdf.tif|caller

spandsp documentation says that if LOCALHEADERINFO is set, it will be displayed in fax messages. What am I getting wrong? Isn’t this the way of setting Variables in .call files?


excuse me ,
i use email2fax but i can send only 1 page , if my document have more pages asterisk send only 1.

You have too this problem?
if no, how solved it?


You can set channel variables that will be passed to the channel.

This includes writable dialplan functions. To set a writable dialplan

function, the module containing this function must be loaded.

#Set: file1=/tmp/to
#Set: file2=/tmp/msg
#Set: timestamp=20021023104500
#Set: CDR(userfield|r)=42