Variable Set In Call File is not accessible within Dailplan

Here is my call file. I want to access the variable UUID from trunk15. I used ${UUID} within the dialplan but not getting the value. In Console, I’m getting **UUID: ** with not value.

Call File

Channel: local/+91XXXXXXXXXX@from-trunk15
Context: from-trunk15
Extension: +91XXXXXXXXXY
Variable: UUID=159626774590222
Priority: 1


same => n,NoOp(UUID: ${UUID})

Can you please guide me?

** Edit: Typo fixed.

I would check the third character of the word “VaTiable” in your callfile :wink:
Besides that, as a hint: You should’nt use a variable with name “UUID”, since it might be a standard channel variable in future versions. In general, as a best practice, you should prefix your variable names with your own short tag to distinct them - i.e. “IFIGHTC_UUID”.

This is not a call file parameter – even if spelled correctly :slight_smile:

Did you intend to use the ‘setvar’ parameter?

My bad, I did a mistake while typing here. However, even after changing the variable name to IFI_UUID , I’m not getting the desired output.

Executing [+91XXXXXXXXXX@from-trunk15:2] NoOp("Local/+ 91XXXXXXXXXX@from-trunk15-00000000;2", "IFI_UUID: ") in new stack

Wow, it worked. Thanks buddy.

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