AFAIK you can’t use variables directly in a call file.

The easiest to pass variables is through some sort of script and/or use of system variables.

I wrote a php script to handle mine.

Don’t forget - never edit a call file directly in the call file directory - as Asterisk will try and load it before you’ve finished. Always create it in a temp directory and then MOVE (not copy) the file over.



Basically - you worked it out :smiley:.

What I meant was that using variables in your call file won’t work (eg. Channel: ${variable}) you have to specify it yourself (eg. Channel: SIP/1234567@itsp.com).

Academic now.


If you use the Local channel you drop the call into the dialplan as a “normal” call and it will pick up any variables called in that section of the dialplan. You could also define the varibles in the call file that you want to be used.
Personal I avoid call files and use the AMI with wich I use both of the above methods.