Need help with Variables


i’am a Newbie^^ and need help with Variables i a Dialplan.

I coded in extension.conf:


exten => 110,1,Set(ANSAGE = “stoerung”,g)
exten => 110,2,NoOp(Inhalt der Variable ANSAGE = ${ANSAGE})
exten => 110,3,Playback(${Ansage})
exten => 110,4,Queue(bmj-helpdesk)

My Problem is, the Variable ${ANSAGE} is empty ?!?

See the CLI-Output if i call:

-- Executing Goto("mISDN/1-19", "callcenter|110|1") in new stack
-- Goto (callcenter,110,1)
-- Executing Set("mISDN/1-19", "ANSAGE = "stoerung"|g") in new stack

== Setting global variable ‘ANSAGE ’ to ’ “stoerung”’
– Executing NoOp(“mISDN/1-19”, "Inhalt der Variable ANSAGE = ") in new stack
– Executing Playback(“mISDN/1-19”, “”) in new stack
Feb 27 08:49:15 WARNING[11852]: app_playback.c:86 playback_exec: Playback requires an argument (filename)

What is wrong ? How can i set Variables for Use in Dialplan?

Thanks a lot for Help

try dump the spaces and the quotes–

set(variable=setting,flags) not set(variable = “setting”,flags)

Thank you … so simple … now it works :smile: