Installing a database for asterisk

Does any one have a documentations on how toset-up a database that will be used by asterisk?Any pre-requisite/dependencies etc.,If you have some documents pls share some manuals. Thank you very much


  1. are you talking Asterik internal database or external ?
  2. what do you want to do with the database ?

assuming you’re going to use MySQL, the wiki has the information you need ! this is a good starting place :

as for setting it up, well that depends on your OS etc. and it’s really got nothing to do with Asterisk, but to use MySQL you’ll need asterisk-addons compiled, and this will need the mysql-devel package installed for your OS.

if you want to use something other than MySQL, then again, the wiki is the place to start.

Thanks for that one. I’ll be using an extenal database.I’ll be using mysql for my dialplan,cdr,etc. That was a big help. Thank you very much