Setting up Hardware

Hi i am newby to Asterisk and i have an assignment to implement it, i have two system on which asteriskNow is installed and i have run these system and a GUI is displayed, both are ok, now i have a telephone line whose number is lets suppose 7523, i have connected it with one system, on other system i want a “hardware telephone set”. Both system are connected via a LAN, so when i pick up my telephone set, there should be a tone there and i could dial number from this set.

I am waiting for responce, i did setup using softphone, and it works fine with one window system and other asteriskNow system,

Urgent Reply,



You have two Asterisk box’s or one ? You can set up the hard phone the same way you set up the soft phone.

I have two asterisks box, on one a PSTN line is connected and on other i want a PSTN telephone set, but i dont know how to configure it, i did setup soft phone with one Asterisk and other is a window client on which a Diax is installed, where i did give Asterisk servers IP with username and password. but with PSTN phone set, i am unable to configure it. Thanks for your reply, kindly give me more suggestion.



Ok. So to be clear you have PSTN -> Asterisk Server 1 -> Asterisk Server 2 -> Windows computer with soft phone ?

now the condition is

pstn line -> asterisk server > LAN > window client > soft phone

it works fine.

and i want

pstn line -> asterisk server > LAN > asterisk server 2 > pstn hard phone

it does not work because pstn hard phone is not working properly or i do not know how to work with it.

please give me suggestions about it.



for the hard phone to work you will either need an ATA device (liek a linksys PAP2) which takes analog dialtone and renders SIP on the LAN side…

or a digium TDM card which would be a plug-in card to your asterisk server and provide you Analog Dialtone…

or finally you need a SIP hard phone… like an aastra, polycom, etc which would connect to your LAN and communicate via SIP to your asterisk server…