Setting up from scratch

hi to everyone, my first ever forum question, absolute novice on this type of thing. anyway need some help in setting up a simple 4 line system my main use is receiving calls on 3 extensions, just need a cli to transfer on the network to relevant users extension and pc running software which uses acess as database. i have read quite a lot about asterisk and find it exciting in that traditional pbx is in essence prehistoric technology and have always said there should be a way of using just a pc which asterisk obviously does. whilst i am very able around windows enviroment, im sorry but have no idea with anything else, willing to learn just need a starting point relevant to my needs. thanks.


okay so you have 4 lines (analog)? That will need 4 FXO ports, you need the appropriate Digium TDM400 or sangoma A200 card.
3 extensions I’d recommend IP phones, i usually recommend AAstra or SNOM phones. Grandstream is good if you’re on a budget. Alternatively you could get a second analog card and put 3 FXS ports to connect analog phones.

The rest is a bit confusing. Your calls come in, and you have an Access database and need to transfer calls? Huh?

If you want to perform call routing based on the db then Asterisk might be able to work with it, I know asterisk has an odbc connector… explain exactly what you want to happen and I can be of more help