Setting up a conference call system

We are a fairly far flung organization in the construction industry. I have been tasked to find a conference calling solution. We have several offices with Nortel PBXs and job/field offices with smaller PBXs or just POTS lines. The option of replacing the current phone system with VOIP systems is probably not something the Compnay will authroize.

My question is: Can Asterix be setup and connected to one of our larger PDBx and used for conferencing?

You should be able to do that with Asterisk. If you get stuck, let us know.

Thank you.

I think the challange right now is to find a way to interface the Norstar system with the Asterisk server. I don’t have an extra T1 interface on the Norstar. We have plenty of available lines on our PRI circuit.

If you cannot add more T1 interfaces to the Norstar, you can put Asterisk in the middle between the Carrier and the Norstar. Hope this helps.