Professional VideoConference System with Asterisk


I want to deploy a professional VideoConference System and use it on our Asterisk Infraestructure.

Currently, our business has 6 Asterisk Servers interconnected between them. On the central, we have a meeting room for 10-20 person, and on each center, we would have smaller meeting rooms. The idea is to use a professional VideoConference System for that rooms.

I was thinking on something similiar to Polycom VXS7000e on the central, and Polycom VSX5000 VTX for the braches… Also, directives and top executive would have GXV-3000 IP Video Phones so they can join the conferences from their own room…

Has anyone integrates professional videoconference systems with Asterisk? I am aware that Polycom videoconference system could do call by their own media (ISDN or IP), withouth PBX usage, but my boss has asked me for a system that can work with asterisk.

I have experience with Asterisk, witn normal Polycom phones, and with h.263 / h264 and grandstream videoconference, but never used / tryed a professional videconfence system oriented to rooms… Any suggestion of brands, equipments or architecture to use in this Asterisk enviroment ?