Setting Queue Timeout Between Attempts

I’m running into something interesting here, wondering if I am just missing something. Set up an example queue, did not define timeout, retry, wrapuptime or any other values. Basically just a queue with a round robin strategy and some members. Call hits member 1, rings about 60 seconds, then immediately moves to member 2, rings 60 seconds, then immediately to member 3.

The issue is that when I set a timeout value (in this case timeout=15), that the call does not immediately move to the next member. It now has a delay that appears to vary but is maybe 15-30 seconds. I’ve tried adjusting the retry and wrapup times but it does not have a discernible effect. I also thought the value might be related to the setting in timeout, but I tried giving it various settings (timeout=60, timeout=5) and that does not appear to have an effect. I’ve also tried setting the variable timeoutrestart to yes/no and no noticeable effect either. Anyone have any ideas? It seems like the call is just holding for app_queue to come back around and grab it again. Maybe it is just a bug, but it seems useless that the call is not immediately moved to the next member or at least that there would be a setting that could be adjusted for that.