Realtime Queue and timeout!

I don’t fully understand the timeout and retry value for a queue!
Will it stil work if I change the timeout from 15 to 0 when I uses ringall strategy?

[code][DB table queues]

name Reception-Q
musiconhold squeezecenter
timeout 15
monitor_type 0
announce_frequency 30
announce_holdtime no
retry 5
wrapuptime 10
maxlen 6
servicelevel 40
strategy ringall
joinempty yes
leavewhenempty yes
eventwhencalled yes
reportholdtime 0
ringinuse 0[/code]

[code][DB table queue_member]

uniqueid 1
membername Agent/2000
queue_name Reception-Q
interface SIP/2000
paused 1

uniqueid 2
membername Agent/2001
queue_name Reception-Q
interface SIP/2001
paused 1[/code]
What I want is that the phone should not stop ringing as long as someboddy is in the queue.
If they hangup the phone, they will will leave the queue and the phone stop ringing!

As it is now it is ringing, no ringing, ringing, no …

Some times the agents is answering the call from the queue and the only thing they hear is a beeping tone!

I think this is after the 15sec timeout and before the retry 5sec.

If they now hangup and wait a little the phone will then ring again and they can take the call!