PickUp call from a transfer state

I have specified in the features.conf these options to enable attended (supervised) transfer;
atxfer => *2
transferdigittimeout => 20 ; After 20 seconds end transfer and pickup the call

What can i do in the configuration files to enable pickup of the phone before the end of the 20 seconds specified in the transferdigittimeout option.

I want to do something like this.

  • I receive the call
  • I answer the call and decide to transfer it
  • I begin call transfer
  • The internal phone i transfered the call doesn’t answer after 10 seconds
  • I decide to recover the transfered call with a key combination ( i need some help on this point )

Sorry for my English, but i hope to learn it better with the time

my features.conf has this setting in the featuremap sectiondisconnect => *0 which seems to do what you want.

Thanks for the help the Disconnect => 0 is the function that i am searching