Setting Asterisk with static IP


I have a static IP connection to a linux machine in my office and I want to set up an asterisk server on it and have the ability to install the SIP X-lite on a separate Windows based computer anywhere(say my home) and be able to call the Asterisk server in my office.
How do I go about this ?

Thanks for the help.


  1. Install asterisk
  2. Install clients you want at places you want
  3. Connect clients to Asterisk.
  4. Read “Asterisk The Future of Telephony”

More specifically, I tried to check out the IP packets coming and going into the Asterisk machine and after some efforts have found that the port 5060 is not open and Asterisk is not listening on it for SIP packets.

netstat -aun | grep 5060

This is not returning anything.

Any idea on how to get Asterisk listening on this?


Alright I found one culprit. The file rtp.conf was not there. Setting it up makes the Asterisk listen on the 5060 port. This did make the Asterisk register the SIP phone, however the phone is still not able to see this and still times out.

If rtp.conf was not there, then it seems like your configuration is corrupt. I would start again with a fresh build and install.


Actually make samples had not been done. Doing that has fixed the problem. Then, making changes to the SIP.conf and putting nat=yes along with the IP addresses under general has led to the SIP phone getting registered. Then rtp.conf had a problem and we had to open ports 2000 to 10000 in order to get the voice. Now everything is working fine.