Office set up help


I have asterisk running in my little office and all is good ( cool software )

When i am away from the office but have internet connection how should i set it up so i can register my softphone ( x-lite ) so that i can recieve calls that i would usually get when in the office.

How do i get the softphone to register with asterisk when not in the local network i suppose is my question but still work exactly the same as if i was in my lan


first on sip.conf define externip= and localnet=
then in rtp.conf set a reasonable port range of around 100 ports.
then on your router forward UDP ports 5060 and what you set in rtp.conf to the asterisk box.

for the softphone’s sip.conf entry set nat=yes

On the softphone enable STUN. try or Have it register to your office external IP.

Hope that helps!