Set outgoing CID by prefix dynamicallyd

Dear all,

I am using a trunk with Clip No Screening.

I will have to place outgoing calls with different CIDs in case of project usage.

One possibility might be to have static outgoing routes - e.g cid bundled to a specific extension

How might it be possible to have a prefix like *12345#number2dial whereas 12345 should be the cid which i want to use in international format?

Any idea how to realize this?

My provider would be happy to get the CID e.g. in the From field.

thx. and merry christmas

Outgoing Routes are FreePBX concepts. If you want something easy to implement in FreePBX, you are on the wrong forum.

You can use the dialplan function CUT, or diaplan regular expressions, to parse out the two parts of the number. You set the CALLERID “function”, from the caller ID value you have obtained.

great hint. i will try and let you know - next year.

have a great time.

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